Ravenscroft Park Barnet








The Ravenscroft Park Barnet is a picturesque place located near Chipping Barnet (Northern part of the London Borough of Barnet). The park is surrounded by Barnet’s finest architecture including Barnet Almshouses, The Black Hourse Pub and beautiful Victorian architecture.

Ravenscroft ParkThere are pay car parking spaces available to the public right next to the park. CLICK HERE to check the car parking prices and the ways to pay.

ravenscroft park in barnetWe asked some of our customers to point at, what is in their opinion, the most romantic place in Barnet and the name of Ravenscroft Park and its neighborhood was mentioned by them number of times.  If you would like to share your opinion about Barnet please visit our Google+ page to interact with us.

Barnet AlmshousesThe Barnet Museum is located walking distance from Ravenscroft Park. The museum exhibits Barnet’s most precious historic artifacts and tells the story about the borough’s history. Click here to check how to get there from Ravenscroft Park, the opening times and costs.

ravenscroft park barnet 2The Black Horse pub illustrated below is a traditional English pub located right next tot he park. Customers can enjoy their drink indoors as well as outdoors in their lovely garden.

The Black Horse Pub in Barnet




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