Packing Services

You can engage our packing services team to prepare your household for removals. Packing is usually done one day before the day of your move.  We supply all the necessary packaging materials or use the ones supplied by you. Double walled removal boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap are the absolute must. Before we begin packing we will walk with you through the property to familiarise ourselves with it and  will ask you ask you questions about your packing priorities and items that are particularly dear to you.

The team will stay at the property for as long as they are needed putting all the loose items into the boxes and wrapping your picture frames and electronic goods with heavy duty shrink wrap and removal blankets. Boxes will be labelled describing what’s in them so when you start unpacking you will find it easy to locate where the things are. All large items such as furniture will be taken care by the removal team on the day of your move. We pack everything except your toothbrush and few other bits and pieces essential for you to survive until you move in to your new house.

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