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Barnet Post Office Collection Woodville Rd

Barnet Post Office Collection. This post box is located at the corner of Woodville Road and Potters Road near the church.

Monday to Friday



12 noon A Later collection is made at 6.30pm from the Postbox at Barnet Delivery Office Barnet.   To check Barnet Post Office Collection times from post boxes located at other locations please check the related posts below....
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Call Police for Non Emergency in Barnet

Call Police for Non Emergency in Barnet If you live close to Chipping Barnet where the Barnet Police Station is located, you might like to visit them and talk to them personally using their counter service.  To check the Barnet Police counter service opening hours (more…)...
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Ravenscroft Park Barnet

              The Ravenscroft Park Barnet is a picturesque place located near Chipping Barnet (Northern part of the London Borough of Barnet). The park is surrounded by Barnet's finest architecture including Barnet Almshouses, The Black Hourse Pub and beautiful Victorian architecture. (more…)...
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Removal Companies Barnet

Here in Barnet, there are a few removal companies that are actually based right here in the centre. There are others that operate here, but these removal companies are very happy to move you into, out of, or around Barnet – all you have to do is contact them! We have put together a list of the removal companies that have their headquarters here in Barnet, along with their addresses, contact details, website, and a little bit of information about what they can offer you....
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Nightclubs Barnet

There are a number of excellent nightclubs Barnet, and many of them have live music throughout the week. Whether you live in Barnet, or you are just passing through, we want to make sure that you have the time of your life here. There are many different things to do during the day, but when night falls, you want to know what kind of night life there is here – and honestly, it is pretty amazing. Here is a list of Barnet night clubs, with...
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Top Primary Schools in Barnet

How do Barnet schools compare with schools in other London boroughs? For many people contemplating a move to another area, schooling is a major concern.There are inevitably a large number of considerations that weigh heavily on the minds of parents and  (more…)...
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Barnet Public Transport

People moving into Barnet are often understandably keen to discover exactly what is the Barnet Public Transport like. The necessity of a car will depend very much upon where exactly a given property is located.  It is sometimes overlooked that Barnet, as a council, covers a fairly wide geographic area on the fringes of London. It therefore includes locations that are urbanised, sub-urbanised and semi-rural. If a given property is in one of the quieter and more remote parts of this fairly large area, many people may...
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