Furniture Dismantling and Assembly

Furniture dismantling and assembly is always included with our removals but you can order this service on its own, for example for your new IKEA set of PAX wardrobes. Your removal team come equipped with tools including electric screwdrivers to make the service a speedy one.  When moving large pieces we dismantle furniture only if it is too large to be taken through the door frame. Typically beds and wardrobes are dismantle and their pieces padded before we load the onto the van. All smaller furniture are moved as they are and padded once loaded.

Washing machine and dishwashers are reconnected. This is possible if the connectors used in the property you are moving from match with the connectors installed at the property you are moving to. More complex works such us removal and reinstatement of the wall bracket for your flat screen telly can be arranged with your removal supervisor prior the moving day.  Contact Barnet Removals now to discuss your furniture dismantling and reassembly service needs.

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