Man with a Van Barnet

We have all heard the phrase ‘man and van’, but many people do not actually know what the service is and how should they go about finding a man with a van Barnet removal service. Put simply, a man and van does quite literally what it says on a tin: a man will arrive in a van, and drive you and whatever you need to put in the van to a location. A man and van service is often absolutely essential when someone is moving but needs another pair of hands to help them, and a van to transport all of their belongings. However, many other people will use a man and van service to help them take items to a recycling centre, and some small companies that are experiencing a move may bring in a man and van to help them on a one off occasion.

Although vans in their current form are a relatively new invention of the 1940s and 1950s, the phrase ‘man and van’ is surprisingly a lot older than that. A quick look in the Oxford English Dictionary reveals that the original meaning of the word van actually meant a large wooden box that was used to move things around. That means that even back in the 1870s, the phrase ‘man and van’ was being used by people to describe an essential service which is still in use today.

If you live in Barnet, a man and a van Barnet service could be absolutely essential for you at one point or another in your life. For example, many people who move do not have the number of possessions required for a removal lorry, but cannot fit them all in their own car – which is when a man and van is vitally useful. Whether you live in or around Barnet, remember that a man and van service is always there if you need them.

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