Removals to Finland

A family of five came to Barnet Removals when they literally had no one else to turn to. The Henderson family were getting set to move from their four bedroom house in Barnet to their new wonderful house in Helsinki when the removal company they had been planning on hiring were not able to give them the kind of service they wanted. They had tried with several other companies, but they all said they could not handle such a big move within such a short space of time. The Henderson family were understandably very upset and they were even thinking that their long-held dream of living in Helsinki would have to be put on hold.

Luckily, Barnet Removals together with VanOne were able to step in and offer inexpensive removals to Finalnd. One of our removal experts were able to visit the Henderson home in Barnet on the day they called and break down for them exactly how the move would go. The Henderson’s had a lot of their belongings packed and ready to go, which made it a lot easier for the removals expert to see everything that had to be moved and calculate how long the move will take. The Henderson family said they were due to move into their new home in just five days and that they were extremely worried that they wouldn’t be able to get all of their belongings there in time. However the expert from Barnet Removals was able to put their mind at rest and told them that they could have all of their belongings in Helsinki when the Henderson family arrived.

Just two days later, the Barnet Removals team arrived at the Henderson home at the crack of dawn and started getting everything ready. They brought their own packing material with them, so the Henderson family did not have to worry about providing anything for them to use. The team was able to move all of the big furniture onto one removal van quickly and had everything secured and ready to go within just three hours. Another two vans were then called to handle the rest of the house contents. The Barnet Removals team used appropriate packing material with everything and was able to organise things so then they could be easily moved into their new location in Helsinki.

The entire removal took just five hours before the three vans took the road on their long trip to Helsinki. It took two days for the three vans to make it to Helsinki, but the Barnet Removals drivers were able to get there hours before they were expected to arrive. All three of the drivers have an amazing ability to predict when traffic will be bad while keeping themselves up-to-date on any road incidents.

When they arrived in Helsinki, the move had to be delayed by five hours as the drivers struggled to find a parking space. The Barnet Removals drivers handled the situation perfectly. They informed the Henderson family what was going on and then quickly found a parking spot not that far away. They were then able to move all of the furniture and belongings into the Henderson home without any problems. The Henderson family were so happy with the personal touch they received from Barnet Removals, they left a glowing Google review about our services.

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