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Nightclubs Barnet

There are a number of excellent nightclubs Barnet, and many of them have live music throughout the week. Whether you live in Barnet, or you are just passing through, we want to make sure that you have the time of your life here. There are many different things to do during the day, but when night falls, you want to know what kind of nightlife there is here – and honestly, it is pretty amazing. Here is a list of Barnet night clubs, with their addresses, tiles with links to their websites and contact details so you can try out the wonders that Barnet has to offer:


The Black Horse

Telephone: 020 8449 6438

The Black Horse,
Wood Street,
Barnet. EN5 4BW

There is nothing quite like listening to fantastic music while drinking something that is just as delicious, and that is why The Black Horse has remained just so popular over the years. Whether it is a wonderful atmosphere or the sheer eclectic mix of musicians that are invited to play here over the weeks, The Black Horse is a great location for a night out.


The Lovers Club

Telephone: 020 3556 3918

33 High St

If you are looking for somewhere a little romantic, The Lovers Club may be a good choice for you. The music is always fantastic, and the locals swear by it – which says quite a lot. The Lovers Club is one of the very few night clubs that is actually based right in the centre of Barnet, which means that it is very easy to get to – and get home from!




Just East of Jazz

Telephone: 020 8361 0265

25A Rosslyn Avenue
East Barnet

Known the world over for its eccentric jazz nights, Just East of Jazz has live music all through the week. The band Just East is the mainstay of the live nights, but there are plenty of other musicians who get involved. There is nothing as wonderful as live jazz, and whenever you decide to go, you will experience music that has literally never been played before. A real treat!

Visit for details about their next venue in Barnet.




The Misty Moon

Telephone: 020 8441 9476

148 High Street

This pub was once really commercialised and owned by a huge group of pubs. There was nothing individual here at all, and locals moved on to somewhere else. In the last year or so, however, new owners have taken over the Misty Moon, and now it is a fabulous place to be – with live music almost every Saturday.





The Lord Nelson

Telephone: 020 8449 7249

West Lane End
High Barnet

This wonderful and pretty pub has been around for almost one hundred years, and has been serving real ales and fun quizzes for almost as long!  The Lord Nelson definitely lives up to its name by including stacks of nautical memorabilia, and people come from all over Barnet to take part in the traditional Thursday night quiz. This quintessential English pub has so much to recommend it that it is difficult to pack it all in – you will have to go there and see it for yourself.




The Duke of York

Telephone: 0208 440 4674

Barnet Road

The Duke of York has actually been placed very close to the location of the Battle of Barnet which was fought in 1471, and this pub used to be on the medieval route from London to York. When Barnet Fair was held every year, people used to flock to this pub for a refreshing drink, and that tradition certainly hasn’t died out. This is one of the oldest pubs in the area, but it still manages to keep on top of modern styles – mixing them with the old traditions that make pubs such great places.

There you have it! We hope that you can use this information to have a really great night out, but remember that it is important to be safe at all times whilst you are having a good time.


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