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When it comes to removals Barnet isn’t like the other boroughs of this fine city.
We happen to believe that it’s just that little bit more special.
Just a quick look around the area with the fine houses, elegant shops and quiet streets would be enough to tell us this anyway, if we didn’t already know. A special place deserves a special service. We’re dedicated to providing that service.

You can meet some of the Removals Barnet team here



Removals Assistant

This is Martin. We call him our Heavy-Duty removals expert. This is because of his physical strength.  Have you ever seen a man capable of lifting up a two-seater sofa and bringing it over the window safely on his own? If you haven't seen it yet and have got a two-seater couch at home, just book your move with Barnet Removals and you will see.


The Handy Man

And last, but definitely by no means least, we have Robert. Our handyman Robert is able to turn his hand at everything, and we only ever realise how vital he is when he is on holiday! Robert’s responsibilities are numerous, but to give you a small snapshot into his day, Peter can be found keeping our vans and lorries working perfectly, replenishing packing materials, sorting through paperwork, scouting out driving routes, and taking phone calls at our head office. Whenever he is needed, Robert is always there to lend a helping hand.


Packing Specialist

The removal process consists of many parts, and Vincent is marvellous at stepping into any point of the removal process and helping to speed it up. Whether he is assisting Simony in packing up, going out to bring more packing materials back, or helping to carefully place all of your fragile belongings into our lorries and vans, he is never far away from the action. We simply could not do without him, and the removal process would be very painful without him!


Customer Service Manager

Patrick is our Customer Service Manager, which means that he spends his time ensuring that you are totally happy with your removal. Any queries and concerns should be directed to him, as Patrick is very happy to talk through any questions that arise. Patrick always wants to ensure that after a removal service has been performed, our customers are totally happy, and so he spends much of his time following up removals and hearing praise for our wonderful service.

What the Removals Barnet team has to offer


Peace of mind and a stress-free move

When the professionals at Barnet Removals take on your move, you don't have to worry about a thing. We plan and carry out every aspect of your move for you, and make sure it runs smoothly.

Residential removals in Barnet

Our house removals service includes small and large loads, from rooms to flats to houses. We can move you from Barnet to any UK destination - and even to some parts of Europe!

Business moves in and around Barnet

Barnet Removals takes great pride in our office removals service. We take businesses quickly and safely to their new premises, and we can also pack and unpack everything for you.

Here to help when you need us

Our removals team in Barnet is flexible and helpful. We arrange a move time that suits you, and provide help and advice when you need it. Call or email us today for your free quotation.

Great service from the Removals Barnet team

This great team of staff works extremely well together. This means that we can deliver the very best service to you. From the moment you call or email us, we do everything we can to take your needs into account.

We assign the right team members to every particular task, and they work together to create the best result for you.

We know that a happy and stress-free move comes with the support of a great removals team.

That is why the Removals Barnet team always puts your needs first.

Contact us today for a free quote and more information.

Local removals in Barnet

As a local removals service, we know Barnet extremely well. We can choose the fastest routes every time so that your move costs less, and takes less time. Over the years, our top team has helped hundreds of homes and businesses in Barnet. Whether we move you locally or further afield, we always deliver on service and value.

Every member of our Removals Barnet team has undergone extensive training in safe lifting. We only employ drivers who possess a clean licence and a fantastic safety record. In addition, everyone on the team is covered by our comprehensive insurance policies while they are engaged in your removals tasks. You and your belongings will be in the safest of hands when you trust your local removals service.

If you have any questions about removals in Barnet, or if you would like a free quotation for your move, you can speak to a member of our local removals team today. Email us, use our contact form, or pick up the phone.

Get a competitive quote today!