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Business Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 8:00 AM–6:00 PM

LONDON Business Relocation Services

The central aim of our London business relocation services from Barnet is to minimize the disruption a shift of premises will have on the business operations.

We know well how frustrating it is to have our operations held up because of things that are either not under our control, or are essential to the business but are not necessarily part of the business.

That is why we offer a first-class removals service that is speedy and efficient.

How our London business relocation services work

Our project manager will fully assess your business’ needs and will make a detailed plan for the removal. Each team member will know what they have to do and will have a set time in which to do it in. We run our business removals from Barnet with almost military precision. This ensures you can go about your working day as soon as possible.

We started off helping the people of Barnet move in and out of the area. Our aim is to help people to live here, work here and raise their families. We got to be very good at it as well. However, even the most challenging job, though still enjoyable, was missing something.

Then someone asked us to move their office from Barnet to another part of the city. We agreed of course, but when it came to the job we found it was totally different from a domestic removal. Despite the differences, we rose to the challenge!

London Business relocation services: a case study

That first commercial removal from Barnet was a big change for us. We hadn’t encountered a situation before where we had to operate around other people’s working schedule. We also had to consider noise and disruption to neighbours. Plus, there was a large amount of bulky furniture to move. We set about creating a set of best practice guidelines and specialized project teams, with something akin to military-level planning.

What to expect from our office removals

As a business ourselves we are sensitive to the needs of a modern commercial enterprise. Our specialist London business relocation services are designed to minimize the time of the project, disruption, and general upheaval. As a standard start to the commercial service, we offer:

This is all pretty standard for office relocations. Everyone offers this. However, we want to be better than that for our customers. We examined the process and created several more standards for business removals. Our business services have been created from these principles, to ensure that the needs of Barnet businesses are being met.

Our tailored removals service adheres to the following basic standards:

Great service and results guaranteed

In addition to the London business relocation services we provide, anyone booking us for a commercial project will be able to use our domestic removals services as they wish. These include having the Barnet Removals team pack and wrap your items for safe and secure transit and dismantling your office furniture to make it fit in the trucks better. We can also reassemble your furniture for you. Plus, we take care of all the loading and unloading. We don’t see these as special services though. This is just the basic level of service our customers should expect from us.

The aim is to give our business customers the same quality product they would expect from any other local business. We can’t bake bread and cakes like the artisan bakers or make people like you like the boutique PR firms can. However, we can ensure that you have a problem-free office move. We are here to help you. Don’t take a chance on such an important project: book Barnet Removals for your office relocation and avoid moving from companies like these. Contact us now.