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Business Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 8:00 AM–6:00 PM

Storage Service Barnet

Safe and secure storage can be arranged to make the moving process easier for you. In the event that your move cannot be completed the same day, we can make sure that your belongings are sent to a dedicated facility and locked up safely.

We use a trusted third party for our storage service Barnet, with goods locked in a dedicated storage facility that is monitored around the clock by staff and CCTV. Your belongings will be safe during their stay at the storage yard. Storage times can vary from just a few hours to several days or weeks, depending on your needs.

When the time comes to complete your move, we can collect your possessions and deliver them to your new home.

The majority of house removals and business removals can be completed in a single day. We arrive with our van, ready to load your boxes, and we transport them to your new address. In many cases, we can also pack up your possessions on the day of your move. For larger moves, we may need to come the day before to help you pack. Plus, all packaging materials will be delivered to you in good time – usually several days or more before the move.

Trusted local removals and storage in Barnet

However, some moves take a little longer to complete. This could be because of delays in a house sale, or problems with building work. If you need to leave your current property, but can’t move right away to your new one, then temporary storage is the answer. Barnet Removals offers a storage service Barnet residents can count on. We take your possessions to a secure facility for storage.

This short term storage is available through our third-party partner at a very reasonable rate. Your possessions will be safely locked up in a manned and monitored storage depot until we collect them for you. You can learn more about storage charges when you request a quote for removals. Call Barnet Removals today.